center for elemental findings

Nestled in the repurposed industrial complex of Elements Festival NYC 2017, attendees can escape the "radioactive wasteland" in the Center for Elemental Findings! The Center was built from Earth's surviving elemental scientists - divided into four groups to study each of the four elements, looking to find answers to heal the Earth and make her livable again!

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Adventures in apocalyptic sciences!

Of course, in isolation, the charming researchers may have gone a little mad in their journey. Attendees entered through the "de-radiation" chamber into the "Earth Lab," where they discovered the strange ways the Center learned to propagate plant matter and experience automaton insect devices to scout for and nurture living plants.

From there, one enters the "Air Lab." These scientists were charged with finding solutions to cleaning the toxic post-apocalypse air and generate clean oxygen filled air to supply the Center. Unfortunately, having given up hope, they decided to enjoy the benefits of pure oxygen tanks and instead transformed their laboratory into a bohemian lounge filled with aromatherapy scents, leisure books, and delirious portrait-sketching with a newfound nihilist aristocratic attitude towards ambition.

Once through with the absurdity of the Air Researchers, guests witness the true collapse of reason in the Fire Lab. Heavy metal music rages as burly soot-covered road-warriors manically bellow to the sound of a revving motorcycle. Inquisitive guests are beckoned to the centerpiece of the research lab - a miniature "Thunderdome" with industrial RC racecars armed with interchangeable tiny weapons. "We're researching renewable oil! Better oil!" screams the race car handler. "Help us battle these war-buggies! We'll breed the one that survives! Welcome to the oil farm! I know how this works. Iā€™m a scientist!"

After battling the racecars, guests are lead to an atrium where a war for our water supply is taking place! What better way to fight for "precious clean water"...than a water gun fight. With water.


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The Air Lab - or, the air-istocrat pleasure symposium


fight for your water supply - with your water supply!