ILLUSTRATOR — Maker of things

Illustration — Creative Direction — Fabrication — Production

Morgan O. Shay is a multidisciplinary visual artist with a focus on the otherworldly and a penchant for creative transmutation - blending elements of visual worlds between platforms - carried through development from illustrated concepts to physically realized experiences of strange wonder. Her illustration experience and published work has lead her to larger scale projects - designing work seen by the world at Burning Man, immersive art experiences for New York nightlife and art collectives, managing events and activations, and building greater and weirder denizens of her imagination into new channels of experience.


A collection of personal, private, and published works of digital art as well as mixed media paintings. Each inspired with a technicolor taste for the strange and an elegantly sinister macabre. 

Elephant Sketch 2.jpg

Concept ART

Visual development for projects ranging between character work for film and comics to stage, sculpture, and vehicular design for entertainment and event arts.



Imaginative executions of experiential engineering - creating spaces and bringing them to life through performance, interactive discoveries, and fabricated wondrous creatures. 

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