what are you?

Morgan O. Shay hails from beyond the edges of the universe, a grim place hidden beneath the blanket of the cosmos - Miami, Florida.  She graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Illustration and is now living as a freelance illustrator in Brooklyn, New York.

Morgan's work is inspired by the fluidity of dance, the rhythmic textures of the natural world, and the profound human wonder of nightmares and dreamscapes, sacred and profane.  She is filled with an insatiable desire to draw monsters and tell stories - often featuring monsters, of one nature or another. 
Much of her visionary explorations are rooted in a conflicted fascination between the seductive mysteries of the occult and cathartic reflections of religion.  

In the strange moments in between projects, Morgan exorcises a relentless creative spirit making installation artwork experimenting with space, light, and human experience as well as collaborating on event production. 

So mostly she draws a lot of weird stuff and dances with almost too much glitter she willingly just covers herself in.  These are separate occasions. Usually.