Photo by Rob Hazel


Morgan O. Shay hails from beyond the edges of the universe, a grim place hidden beneath the blanket of the cosmos where sleeping gods lie and sinister visio— whatever, it was Miami, Florida.  And okay, it’s not that grim. But YOU didn’t grow up as a skinny pale kid on a sunny canal. YEAH, see? Enter that sunburnt aloe vera nightmare.

Escaping the sunshine for real seasons, Morgan moved to where art worlds were exciting, experimental, and ever-evolving in New York City. She graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Illustration and is now living as a freelance illustrator and maker of things and experiences in Brooklyn, New York.

Morgan is an experiential artist and storyteller. Creating and delivering concepts between illustration to physical immersion. She has built, managed, and directed projects including special events, immersive sets and experiences, special effects props, stages, and film sets.

She loves collaborating and bringing her eclectic and diverse skills to new projects, pushing boundaries with art and immersion - Have an idea? Reach out!