Oracle of Time and Mystic of chaos

In an unsuspecting warehouse event on NYE 2016, myself and Cape Perpetua created a gateway for guests to speak to mystical deities - the Oracle Goddess of Time and the Chaos Mystic of Space. Attendees would await outside a mysterious room and have their tarot cards read by the gatekeeping witches. Once read, the witches would mark them with a symbol indicating which goddess they were destined to experience, then led into a room full of puzzles and riddles to navigate before entering the goddesses' chambers. When encountering the goddesses, questions were answered. "How can we make more time?" "How can we find solace and joy embracing chaos?"


The oracle of time

Draped and painted in gold and pearls, the Oracle Goddess invites you in to share an intimate and quiet moment of warmth reflecting on how we can create more time with one another, and how to treasure who we are.
Brought to life by Larissa McCoy.


The chaos mystic of the cosmos

Glittering in blacklight, the fiery Chaos Mystic pulls you in to her spectacular lair full of whirling nebulas. Here she keeps many secret gifts and potions - how do you react to chaos in your life? Do you trust the universe? The Chaos Mystic puts you and your friends to the test, then leaves you with her gift - a message from the universe: a personalized fortune cookie just for you! - …with nothing inside.
Brought to life by Kate S.